Details of ongoing and upcoming works

LocationStart DatesDurationPlanned WorksTraffic Management
Balymodea/O'Mahony Avenue Starting 12 June 2020 6 weeks Pipeline Construction Stop & Go
Convent Hill Starting 2 June 2020 5 weeks Pipeline Construction Road Closure
Watergate Street Starting 29 June 2020 10 weeks Pipeline construction Road Closure

Ballymodan/O’Mahony Avenue

  • Works commenced on Ballymodan/O’Mahony Avenue on the 12 June 2020. These works are the pipeline continuing from Weir Street pipeline works.
  • A Stop and Go system is in place. Parking will be restricted during the works; we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Emergency services will always be worked with to ensure access

Convent Hill

  • Works recommenced on Convent Hill on week starting 02 June 2020. A 5-week road closure will be required to complete pipe construction.
  • All residents, schools and businesses will continue to be communicated with in relation to the works.

Watergate Street

  • Works are scheduled to commence on Watergate Street on Monday 29 June 2020. A road closure will be in place for 10 weeks to facilitate watermain and sewer upgrades, tie in connections and road reinstatement.
  • All residents, schools and businesses will be communicated with in relation to the works.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Ward and Burke Construction Ltd. has a full time Community Liaison Officer on the contract who is available to address and queries or concerns in relation to the works.

Contact details: Carol Harris 086 1449548 or

In Progress
€14 million


  • Will improve the water and sewer network in Bandon
  • Will reduce leakage in Bandon
  • Provision for future growth within the Bandon area


  1. Replacement of 10kms aging water mains with a high frequency of burst and high rate of leakage
  2. Upgrading over 5kms of sewer network
  3. Replacement of all lead and copper communications pipes crossed or otherwise encountered during the construction works and replacement with polyethylene pipe
  4. Provision of a combined sewer underneath the bed of the St. Patrick’s Place Culvert on the Bridewell River from New Road along St. Patrick’s Place to Market Quay
  5. Removal of combined sewer overflows

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