Greater Dublin Drainage Project

Addendum October 2023

EIAR Addendum Volume 2A Part A
EIAR Addendum Volume 2A Part B
EIAR Addendum Volume 3A Part A
EIAR Addendum Volume 3A Part B
EIAR Addendum Volume 4A Part A
EIAR Addendum Volume 4A Part B
EIAR Addendum Volume 5A
EIAR Addendum Volume 6A

Addendum (Omitted Documents)

Natura Impact Statement

Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)

Volume 1 - Non-Techical Summary

Volume 2 Part A Introduction

Volume 2 Part B Appendices relevant to Volume 2 Part A

Volume 3 Part A Proposed Project EIAR

Volume 3 Part B Appendices relevant to Volume 3 Part A

Volume 4 Part A RBSF EIAR

Volume 4 Part B Appendices relevant to Volume 4 Part A

Volume 5 Part A Proposed Project Figures

Volume 5 Part B RBSF Figures

Volume 5 Part B Cover and Contents354.3KB Y17702-PL-001-General Site Location Plan14.8MB Y17702-PL-002-Site Location Map1.0MB Y17702-PL-003-Existing Site Layout697.4KB Y17702-PL-004-Proposed Site Layout6.3MB Y17702-PL-005-Existing Buildings to be Demolished - Elevations and Plans1.9MB Y17702-PL-006-Proposed Ancillary Buildings-Elevations, Plans and Typical Cross Sections677.8KB Y17702-PL-007-Storage Building A - Roof Plan and Elevations590.5KB Y17702-PL-008-Storage Building A-Plans and Cross Sections1.1MB Y17702-PL-009-Storage Building B - Roof Plan and Elevations586.1KB Y17702-PL-010-Storage Building B - Plans and Cross Sections1.1MB Y17702-PL-011-Landscape Layout7.1MB Y17702-PL-012-Continguous Elevations4.1MB Y17702-PL-013-Proposed Road Layout and Markings5.0MB Y17702-PL-014-Junction Layout, Lamp Standard and Typical Road Details3.4MB Y17702-PL-015-Surface Water Drainage Layout9.8MB Y17702-PL-016-Surface Water Drainage-Typical Details1.6MB Y17702-PL-017-Foul Drainage Layout5.1MB Y17702-PL-018-Existing Foul Pumping Station-Pland and Section616.1KB Y17702-PL-019-Manhole, Trench Backfill and Bedding-Typical Details2.6MB Y17702-PL-020-Watermain Layout9.1MB Y17702-PL-021-Watermain Typical Details5.5MB Y17702-PL-022-Odour Control Unit-Plan and Elevation819.4KB Y17702-PL-023-Electricity and External Lighting Layout5.1MB Y17702-PL-024-Site Development Details820.3KB Y17702-PL-025-Weighbridge Details and ME Control Building 548.8KB Y17702-PL-026-Construction and Permenant Information Sign633.7KB Y17702-PL-027-Proposed Site Layout Overlaid with Services5.3MB

Volume 6 Photomontages