As part of the development of Scientific Services within Irish Water, the utility is submitting a planning application for a world class facility for water analysis in Limerick. The new national laboratory will offer a substantial benefit to the local and regional economy with the employment of 90 staff by 2023 and excellent career opportunities to scientific and technical graduates and professionals.


On as yearly basis the new laboratory will receive 250,000 water and wastewater samples from across the country and undertake 1.5 million tests as well as testing river and lake water quality. This laboratory will enhance Irish Water’s work in protecting the public health of our customers by ensuring the delivery of clean, safe drinking water through rigorous analysis.


This facility will house state of the art equipment for microbiological and chemical analysis which will be accredited to international quality standards. It is designed with a focus on swift customer service, energy efficiency and staff welfare.


Irish Water selected Limerick as the site for this national laboratory for a range of reasons including the quality of its third level institutions; a reputation as a centre for advanced tech industry; and its accessibility by road, rail and air. Limerick also offers an attractive location in the Mid West of Ireland for people choosing to take up a career with Irish Water.


A mock up of the planned National Laboratory in Limerick


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