Irish Water investing €3 million for the construction of a new water treatment plant at Kingscourt.

Only one water supply in Co. Cavan is listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Remedial Action List (RAL) and Irish Water is progressing its €3 million investment programme at the Kingscourt Water Treatment Plant to ensure its removal from the list.

It remains a priority of Irish Water to have the Kingscourt Water Supply removed from the RAL by the end of the year for the benefit of its 2,718 users.

Nationally Irish Water has adopted a prioritised programme of works which will require an investment of €2 billion by 2021. Significant improvements are being achieved year on year by this approach, including in Co Cavan.

Irish Water is investing €3 million for the construction of a new water treatment plant at Kingscourt. The contract includes a new storage reservoir at the existing Kingscourt Water Treatment Plant site. An off-site well will also be developed at Descart, Co Monaghan which will supply raw water to the new water treatment plant to provide security of supply to the water supply scheme.

As a single utility Irish Water is able to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of Ireland’s drinking water production plants and where serious compliance challenges are found they can be tackled more effectively and efficiently.

Speaking about the RAL and the ongoing work in Cavan, Irish Water’s Regional Compliance Specialist, Pat O’Sullivan, said “The publication of the latest RAL update is a confirmation of the focus and dedication of Irish Water and Cavan County Council in ensuring the delivery of clean and wholesome water in the county. It is encouraging to see that works are advancing on the Kingscourt scheme, replacing the scheme originally commissioned in the 1950s which we are confident of delivering by year end.”

The RAL is updated quarterly by the EPA for those water supplies where investment in treatment processes is required. Irish Water has a prioritised programme of investment for all schemes on the RAL.


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