Water supply schemes under pressure due to extended drought period

Due to the extended period of dry weather over recent months, water levels in County Kerry have continued to fall. Irish Water and Kerry County Council are monitoring flows and water levels throughout the county to ensure the production of treated water continues and to minimise the impact on communities and businesses in Kerry.

Water supply schemes under pressure at this time are:

  • Kerry Central Regional Scheme, which supplies, Killarney, Tralee, Castlemaine and Castleisland
  • Most Public Water Supply Schemes on the Dingle Peninsula
  • Most Public Water Supply Schemes on the western parts of the Iveragh Peninsula

We are asking all customers supplied by these schemes to continue to make every possible effort to conserve water.

As a result of this unprecedented dry spell, there remains a significant risk to most public water supplies in Kerry as we approach Autumn. The medium-term forecast indicates there will be very little rain in the coming weeks. For this reason, it is essential that households and businesses throughout Kerry do everything they can to conserve water and reduce demand as much as possible.

Increased frequency of water supply interruptions

We and Kerry County Council have deployed hydrogeologists and sub-aqua divers across the county to explore possible new water sources and improve the operation of existing sources. Wherever possible, new sources will be developed over the coming weeks and months. There may be an increased frequency of water supply interruptions, as new sources are brought online. Similarly, water supply interruptions may increase due to the unprecedented ground conditions, causing ground shrinkage and a potential for increased frequency of pipe bursts. 

New water treatment plant will improve the standard of treated water

In recent weeks, We and Kerry County Council have successfully commissioned a brand new water treatment plant at Lough Guitane, which supplies the Kerry Central Regional Water Supply Scheme. The new water treatment plant will deliver a vastly improved standard of treated water to over 62,000 Customers in the Killarney, Tralee, Castlemaine, Castleisland and surrounding areas. The highest standard of drinking water will be delivered to these parts of Kerry, protecting the health of their communities for generations to come.

Please continue to report all leaks on the public network

Any measures taken to reduce consumption, no matter how small, will help in terms of replenishing water supplies. Simple steps like taking a short shower instead of a bath, turning off taps and fixing leaks in outside taps all help to make a difference. We are also reminding people to report any leaks they see in the public network by calling 1850 278 278. You can also report a leak using our online form.

Water Conservation Advice

For more information on how to conserve water at home, in the garden, on the farm, or at work, visit our Water Conservation page.

Latest Updates

For the latest information on water service and supply updates in Kerry please visit our Supply and Service Updates page.


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