Irish Water and Cork County Council are pleased to announce the lifting of the boil water notice on the Whitegate/Dower Rural Water Supply Scheme on the advice of the HSE. Customers affected by the notice can now resume normal use of the water supply for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth.

The boil water notice has been in place since 27 February 2016 and has affected 10,300 customers supplied by the Whitegate Water Treatment Plant across the East Cork area.

On the advice of the HSE, Irish Water issued a boil water notice due to high levels of turbidity or cloudiness in the water. The scheme draws its water from the Dower Spring Source and concerns were identified in relation to the effective operation of the UV disinfection at Kilvagh Water Treatment Plant, which could not be guaranteed during periods of high turbidity.

Since the imposition of the notice on 27 February, Irish Water has installed additional treatment, storage and controls at Kilvagh Treatment Plant to address the extreme raw water qualities which were experienced during adverse weather conditions in winter 2015/2016. This €1million investment in a new filtration system and other upgrade works will provide effective year round protection in the event of future high turbidity and a robust cryptosporidium barrier. Two microfiltration units have been installed prior to the new UV disinfection unit. New plant shutdown controls have been put in place to prevent inadequately treated water entering the water supply network.

Commenting, Aisling Buckley, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist said: “Over 10,000 residents supplied by the Whitegate Dower Regional Water Supply Scheme have been on a boil water notice since February. Irish Water worked closely with Cork County Council and the HSE and EPA to resolve this issue but we understand the significant inconvenience and disruption caused to households, businesses and communities as a result of the extended notice. We are pleased that, having prioritised the installation of a new filtration system under emergency works, we are in a position to confirm that the boil water notice has now been lifted and people across East Cork can now resume normal use of water. We appreciate how our non-domestic customers have been affected and the impact on businesses during this period. We would like to thank all those who worked with us on this boil water notice, including elected and community representatives, as well as local media, in the affected area. We wish to apologise to all of those inconvenienced by this boil water notice.

The Irish Water Customer Contact Centre (1850 278 278) is available to answer customer queries in relation to this water notice. Further information and additional advice for customers is available in the service & supply section.


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