Irish Water has invested €500,000 to repair and replace 1km of collapsed and deficient sewers and the laying of 100m of a new water main along Dublin Road, Yellow Walls Road and Woodlawn Lane in Malahide.  The laying of a new gas main was also facilitated along Woodlawn Lane. The water, wastewater and gas infrastructure was coordinated to take place at the one time to minimise the disruption to residents. The rehabilitation of the sewer will also assist in preventing future flood issues on Yellow Walls Road.

Malahide Sewer Rehabilitation

The repair of the collapsed sewer on Woodlawn Lane involved detail planning as the sewer was located deep underground. While the sewer repair and replacement was being carried out a temporary pumping station was put in place to bypass the collapsed section of the sewer. This ensured wastewater services was continued to be provided for customers.

Commenting on the project Ivan Corcoran, Programmes Specialist at Irish Water said “We wish to thank the residents for their patience while we carried out this complex project. In particular the residents along Woodlawn Lane who were most impacted while the work was being carried out. The deep location of the collapsed sewer added to the complexity of the repair work. To provide a more reliable water service to customers we laid also a new 100m water main and facilitated the laying of a gas mains to residents in Woodlawn Lane. To minimise disruption to residents we worked in coordination across Irish Water and Gas Networks Ireland to ensure that the water, wastewater and gas infrastructure was put in place at the one time”.

This sewer rehabilitation project is one of many that Irish Water is carrying out in Fingal. Currently Irish Water is investing €85m in wastewater projects in Fingal that are either at planning, design or construction stages. Irish Water will spend over €532 million on water services in 2016. Capital investment in the region of €700 million per year is needed for a sustained period of several decades to address the poor condition of Ireland’s water infrastructure. Works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in Irish Water’s Business Plan up to 2021. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5bn investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021 while achieving efficiencies of €1.6bn.


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