Irish Water and Donegal County Council are continuing to monitor all water supplies across the county on a daily basis while this unprecedented dry spell continues. Effective immediately, night time restrictions have been imposed on the Lough Mourne water supply due to increased demand on the drinking water supply.

These restrictions will be in place nightly from 1am to 6am for the foreseeable future and both Irish Water and Donegal County Council will continue to monitor the scheme daily.

Restrictions which were in place on the Pettigo water supply have now been lifted. 

Water supplies across the county under pressure due to drought conditions

Irish Water would like to remind customers that the Water Conservation Order (Hosepipe ban) remains in place until July 31 and the public across the whole county are urged to continue conserving water in every possible way to ensure a continuous supply for all.

Irish Water continues to appeal to the public to notify us of leaks on 1850 278 278 and they will be followed up. Public side leaks are dealt with in the first instance by the local authority teams. Irish Water has contractors available to assist with private side leaks under the ‘First Fix’ scheme. 

It will take sustained rainfall over many weeks and even months to replenish raw water levels in rivers, lakes and groundwater sources and treated drinking water levels in our storage reservoirs. Irish Water will continue to analyse water consumption levels on a daily basis. At the same time, we are monitoring the continued fall in water levels in our sources.
Irish Water’s primary concern is for longer term supplies in late summer and autumn.

It will take sustained rainfall to replenish raw water levels

Based on modelling in previous dry years, and allowing for how dry the ground now is, we need to maximise conservation of raw water at this time to secure our needs over the coming months. Therefore, these urgent conservation messages are of critical importance to communities in Donegal and the other areas across the country.


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