Water supplies across the county under pressure due to drought conditions

Irish Water and Waterford City and County Council would like to thank the people of Waterford for their continuing efforts to conserve water as we work together to maintain supplies during this unprecedented dry spell.

Supplies must be maintained to avoid further restrictions

Combined with work being carried out by our leak repair crews to find and fix leaks throughout the network, this has led to a significant reduction in demand in a number of critical water supply schemes across the county. However, with the drought set to continue for the foreseeable future, it is important that everyone continues to be responsible in their use of water so that supplies can be maintained and to avoid restrictions.

Night time restrictions have been imposed earlier this month

In Loskeran where night time restrictions had been imposed earlier this month, it has been possible to provisionally lift those restrictions as a result of the savings that have been achieved. Demand peaked at over 50,000 litres of water per day in early July. This was considerably more than the plant was capable of producing and as a result it was necessary to use tankers to fill up the reservoirs.

The scheme was prioritised by us for both private side leakage reduction and also leak detection and repair work on the public network. These measures, along with the water conservation efforts by people in the area, has seen demand fall significantly to 30,000 litres per day. This has allowed tankering to cease and also night-time restrictions to allow the reservoir to fill overnight have not been necessary over the past number of nights.

Water supplies have fallen in parts of Waterford

Demand at the Adamstown plant, which supplies much of Waterford City, has also fallen, from just under 29 million litres per day to approximate 27 million litres per day. Similarly in Dungarvan, responsible use combined with public and private site leak reduction has resulted in demand falling by approximately 15% when compared with the start of the month.

Public must continue to conserve water

It is important to note however that these and many other supplies in the county remain on a knife-edge and it is vital that people continue to do all they can to conserve water to avoid further restrictions.

Brian O’Leary, Irish Water’s Operations Lead for Waterford, urged people throughout the county to continue to act responsibly in the use of water. “We would like to thank the people of Waterford for their continuing efforts to conserve water during this unprecedented dry spell. This reduction in demand combined with our ongoing efforts to find and fix leaks throughout the network has allowed us to ease restrictions in some areas and better manage at-risk supplies around the county.

“However, it is important that we do not become complacent and continue to everything we can to keep demand down. As a result of the unprecedented dry spell, it will take sustained rainfall over many weeks and even months to replenish raw water levels in rivers, lakes and groundwater sources and treated drinking water levels in our storage reservoirs. In the meantime we all have a role to play in conserving water. Simple steps like taking a short shower instead of a bath, turning off taps and fixing leaks in outside taps or farm troughs all help to make a difference"

Report a leak

Please can continue to play your part to reduce demand by conserving water at home and in your business, and reporting any leaks you see in the public network via our online Report a Leak form or by calling 1850 278 278.

Conserve Water

For more water conservation tips please visit our Conservation section.


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