Upgrades will help to drive down leakage on the scheme

Irish Water, working in partnership with Leitrim County Council, is implementing a number of improvements in the South Leitrim Water Supply Scheme in response to unplanned outages experienced by customers in March and June of this year.

At a dedicated councillor clinic that took place in Carrick on Shannon last week, Irish Water answered queries by local politicians on this issue.

A number of upgrades are being implemented

Following a review of existing operating procedures at the Carrick on Shannon water treatment plant, a number of upgrades are being implemented. These include an upgrade to the alarm system for out of hours issues which can lead to a plant shut down.

Irish Water is also working with Leitrim County Council to improve the existing communications procedure to customers impacted by planned and unplanned supply interruptions. Currently all outages, both planned and unplanned, are published on the Irish Water website in the supply and service section and advertised on Irish Water’s social media sites. Extended outages are notified to the local media who play an important role in helping us keep the public informed of the extent of the issue and when they can expect their water supply to return to full service.

Pumps at the plant and at Lower Mong are being upgraded to improve the Upper Mong reservoir filling times after a plant failure or a burst to a water pipe.

A more secure supply for customers

In response to the number of interruptions on the supply network Irish Water is replacing water mains with a high burst frequency which will help ensure a more secure supply for customers. This will also help to drive down leakage on the scheme. In addition to this contractors have been deployed to find and fix leaks in the public network to reduce leakage on the South Leitrim Scheme. We will also be contacting customers who are identified as high usage consumers more than likely due to a leak within their property to offer them a free fix through our First Fix Free Scheme.

Irish Water and Leitrim County Council would like to thank the public who have been affected by these unplanned events for their patience and co-operate and assure them that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure a more secure and reliable water supply.

Water conservation tips

For more advice on how to conserve water, please visit our Be Water Smart page.


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