National Disinfection Programme

Irish Water is carrying out a major disinfection programme at water treatment plants which will help to safeguard water supplies and improve the quality of drinking water for homes and businesses throughout the country. The upgrading of disinfection systems under the National Disinfection Programme will minimise the risk of people having to boil their water. The work has also led to the removal of water supplies from the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL) which identifies supplies at risk from inadequate treatment. 

Water comes from a variety of sources, including underground aquifers, rivers and streams. However, this raw water must undergo a thorough and complex treatment process before it is safe to drink. This includes disinfection to removes potentially harmful bacteria from the raw water which could cause illness if consumed. 

Irish Water is investing over €65 million as part of the programme

Irish Water is investing over €65 million as part of the national disinfection programme across the country. This programme involves assessing all 859 public drinking water treatment plants and pumping stations around the country, and carrying out upgrades and standardising the disinfection systems. To date, Irish Water have assessed 790 sites and completed upgrade works to over 190 sites nationwide.

As well as upgrading the treatment and disinfection systems at these sites, improvements were also made to the monitoring and control systems to ensure that any potential issues can be flagged and rectified quickly should they arise.

Challenges include ageing water infrastructure and lack of investment in water services

John Hynes, Capital Programmes Manager for this programme commented “Due to our ageing water infrastructure and lack of investment in water services through the years, much of our existing water network including pipes, treatment plants and reservoirs, are now in need of upgrading and replacing. Projects like this are key to ensuring that Ireland’s water infrastructure  can continue to meet all our needs now and into the future.

Having appropriate treatment in place is essential in order to provide the public with good quality, safe and secure supply of drinking water. This project will ensure we continue to comply with the Drinking Water Regulations and provide residents and businesses with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the water that comes from their taps has been treated to a very high standard.”

More information

For more information, please visit our National Disinfection Programme web page.

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