New wastewater treatment plant in Athea will safeguard the environment and support local growth

Irish Water, in partnership with Limerick City and County Council, has completed an upgrade of the Athea Wastewater Treatment Plant which will improve the performance of the plant, protect the local environment and support ongoing growth and development in the Athea area.

The upgrade has also made the plant more sustainable, through the installation of modern energy-efficient equipment. This investment ensures that wastewater from Athea continues to be treated to the standards set out by the Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations.

Irish Water Capital Programmes Lead Alan Morrissey explained: “The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Athea, originally built in the 1940s, was typical of many similar plants around the country in that it had become outdated and was no longer fit for purpose. Addressing the challenges associated with the ageing wastewater infrastructure is a top priority for Irish Water. We are very pleased to announce the completion of this new wastewater treatment plant to cater for the homes and businesses of Athea, with a population equivalent (PE) of 900.

“This €2m investment brings many benefits to the area by helping to safeguard the River Galey and other local waterways and ensuring the treatment capacity is in place to support growth and development in Athea and the surrounding areas in the years to come.”

The upgrade

The work involved decommissioning the old primary treatment system and building a new wastewater treatment plant, upgrading the existing pumping station and constructing a new 500m rising main from the pumping station to the treatment plant.

This project has upgraded and modernised several elements of the wastewater treatment process at the plant. TES Group Limited delivered this project on behalf of Irish Water’s Capital Programmes. Construction got underway in summer 2018 and the new treatment plant was completed and commissioned in recent weeks.


Investing in Ireland’s wastewater infrastructure is a key priority for Irish Water. For the remaining period of the Irish Water Business Plan up to 2021, the utility is ramping up investment to spend an average of €326m per year on wastewater infrastructure.



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