Works will prevent sewer flooding during heavy rainfall

Irish Water has completed an upgrade to the wastewater network in Rathsallagh, Shankill. €80,000 was invested to carry out the work which included removing tree roots from the network that were causing blockages and reducing the capacity of the sewers in the area. The work involved surveying and assessment of 870 metres of sewer network to establish where there were breaks in the network or where debris was blocking the sewers. Jetting and cleaning the sewers and manholes was also carried, tree roots were removed from 840 metres of the sewer network and from fifteen manholes, lining of the internal surface of the existing sewer pipes was undertaken to reinforce the pipes. Repairs were also carried out to internal sections of the existing sewer pipes where they had been damaged by the tree roots.

This work has ensured that the flow of wastewater in the sewer network is no longer interrupted by tree roots and the sewers are once again able to perform at full capacity.  This reduces any risk of overflow in shallow manholes and flooding to low lying surfaces at times of heavy rainfall. Repairs to damaged sections of the sewer network will prevent pipes from breaking and a total collapse of the sewers. 

Commenting on the project, Ivan Corcoran, Irish Water’s Capital Programmes Regional Lead, said “This essential upgrade to the wastewater network in Shankill will assist in preventing sewer flooding in the area at times of heavy rainfall and ensure the network is operating to its full capacity. Irish Water is investing in Ireland’s wastewater infrastructure to ensure that the networks can meet the demand of the areas they serve and to protect the environment.  This investment ensures sewers are not blocked by debris and that damaged sewers are repaired to prevent any sewer overflows. This project is part of that investment”.


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