Investment ensures sewers no longer at risk of collapse

Irish Water has completed an upgrade to the sewer network on Killarney Street in Dublin City. The €100,000 investment was carried out on aging and fragile Victorian brick lined sewers and took three months to complete. The investment has ensured that the sewers on Killarney Street are no longer at risk of collapse and the risk of overflows from the sewers has been removed.

The works involved the rehabilitation of 100 metres of brick lined sewers. The sewers were relined with segmented Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) grouting with concrete which eliminated any leaks and reinforced the sewers to prevent any collapses along the network. The project also included the removal of any blockages in the network which were reducing the capacity of the sewers, potentially cause overflows in times of heavy rainfall. The project has improved the performance of the sewers as the work has strengthened the sewer walls and reduced leakage in the network. Investing in the sewer network now has removed the ongoing maintenance cost associated with an aging network.

Commenting on the project, Ivan Corcoran, Irish Water’s Capital Programmes Regional Lead, said “Dublin City’s sewer network dates back to Victorian times, Irish Water is investing in the network to rehabilitate deficient sections. The investment in the sewer network ensures that Dublin City has a robust network and this work has helped to prevent any sewer overflows on Killarney Street. Irish Water is making real and significant progress addressing the most serious deficiencies in Ireland’s wastewater infrastructure in Dublin City and across the country. The investment in the sewer network in Killarney Street ensures that the network has the capacity to support the economic development and growth of the City.”


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