Reviewing water network performance and managing the worst performing water mains for replacement

Irish Water is continuously reviewing water network performance and designing actions to manage the worst performing water mains for replacement. The plan is consistently developing to ensure investment is made in the correct areas in collaboration with Donegal County Council, we have identified critical mains with repeated burst history in the Falcarragh, Gortahork area. The existing pipework is asbestos concrete which was a common pipe material in the 1980’s which when they begin to reach the end of their life tend to burst quite frequently. Repairs to this type of water pipe can also create weaknesses in other areas of the pipeline.

Part of Leakage Reduction Programme

We have now applied for those mains to be replaced under the next phase of our National Leakage Reduction Programme. When the project has been approved we will work very closely with Donegal County Council to ensure that all requirements to safely deliver the improvement project are agreed as efficiently as possible. As the National Leakage Reduction Programme is now active across Ireland there will be no delays to design and delivery of the works.

Commit to continued communication

We commit to communicating again as soon as the final plans of the project are in place. In addition we will communicate directly with both the local community and related Elected Representatives as soon as delivery information is available. 

We will continue to manage the network in an effort to prevent bursts and respond to outages should they occur. All repairs are carried out as quickly as possible working in partnership with crews in the Local Authority. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the disruption to homes and businesses and to thank them for  their cooperation and understanding.


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