Irish Water has carried out a review of the drinking water treatment process in the Leitir Móir/Tír an Fhia plant as a result of the boil water notice which was put in place by the HSE last month. A meeting of Irish Water, Galway County Council and the HSE took place today, Wednesday, 10 February 2016, to discuss the outcome of this review and examine possible solutions to the issues identified.

Since November last year, the quality water going in to the treatment plant has deteriorated significantly. The repeated adverse weather in the area has impacted on the quality of the raw water being supplied to the treatment plant.

Following the review of the drinking water treatment process, Irish Water and Galway County Council have put a programme of work in place to address water quality issues. The programme will include modification of the existing water treatment plant and increased controls in the treatment process. It is estimated that the work will be carried out within the next three months.  Once completed a period of sampling will take place. The boil water notice will remain in place during this period and Irish Water will continue to liaise closely with the HSE to enable the boil water notice to be lifted as soon as possible.

In order to begin the programme of work at the Leitir Móir/Tír an Fhia treatment plant Irish Water must cease operations at the plant for four days from 8am on Tuesday, 23 February to 8am on Friday, 26 February. This shut down may result in a discolouration of the water in properties supplied by this plant. Irish Water will provide tankered water during this disruption and, water drawn from these tankers must be boiled before use.  The water mains will be flushed during the last week of February causing some disruption in localised areas and tankers will remain in place during this period.  

Irish Water will carry out a leaflet drop to all properties in the area to keep customers informed on the planned programme of work, the plant closure and where the water tankers will be located. Irish Water continues to advise all customers in Leitir Móir/Tír an Fhia to continue to boil all water for drinking and food preparation to ensure they are not at risk of illness. A map and list of the affected areas is available on the Irish Water service and supply page.

Any customer with a query in relation to their water supply can also call 1890 278 278 at any time.


Up to and including 22nd February

Boil Water Notice in Place

Boil tap water for drinking and food preparation
No tankers in place
23th to 26th February inclusive


During this period tap water may appear slightly discoloured.

Tankered water will be provided for drinking and food preparation but must be boiled before use
Tankers in place
March onwards

Boil Water Notice in Place

Boil tap water for drinking or food preparation. 

No tankers in place


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