Treated water tested daily in conjunction with extensive monitoring

Irish Water is aware of a number of recent reports from customers in relation to the odour and/or taste of drinking water in parts of Dublin which we are currently investigating. Irish Water can confirm that drinking water microbiological and chemical analysis carried out on water produced at our water treatment plants serving Dublin is compliant with drinking water regulations. Water produced at the treatment plants is tested daily in conjunction with extensive monitoring in the distribution network and is safe to drink.

Some people may be more sensitive to changes in how their drinking water tastes or smells. In general terms, a change in the taste or smell of drinking water can indicate a change in the treatment process or can be due to the impact of weather on a water source or the presence of organic matter or minerals that have been picked up as the water flows through the system, none of which poses a risk to drinking water quality.

More information

Further information on drinking water quality can be found on the Drinking Water Quality section. Customers with queries or concerns about the quality of their drinking water should contact us directly via our customer contact centre which operates 24/7 on 1850 278 278. 


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