Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, has invested over €3 million to upgrade the Graigue and Temple-Etney water supply schemes in the county. The upgrade of these water supply schemes will ensure that a sustainable and reliable supply of drinking water is provided to the communities in Graigue and Temple-Etney.

The Graigue Water Supply is on the EPA Remedial Action List (RAL) as it currently does not have an adequate barrier in place to protect against incidents of cryptosporidium. This project involved the development of an additional groundwater source at Brackford Bridge to replace the Graigue surface water source and augment the existing ground water source at Temple-Etney. The combined Graigue/Temple-Etney Water Supply Scheme will now serve over 2,700 people. The works include a new borehole, raw water pipelines, contact tank, pumping station at Temple-Etney, distribution pipelines and associated refurbishment works at Killurney Reservoir.

The upgrade of the water supply schemes has many benefits for the communities and businesses in the area. It will improve security of supply, improve water quality and lead to the removal of the Graigue water supply system from the EPA Remedial Action List and facilitate the lifting of boil water notices from a small number of properties in the area which have been in place since 2012. 

Communities on the Graigue supply previously supplied from the vulnerable mountain source will begin to receive their new water supplies over the coming weeks and may experience differences in the hardness of their water supply. The source replacing the vulnerable surface water is high in naturally occurring calcium & magnesium compounds which are the hardness indicators and may result in some scaling of domestic appliances on boiling/heating of water.  

Commenting on the announcement, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist Aisling Buckley said: “Providing a safe and secure water supply for the communities in Temple-Etney, Killurney, Graigue and Ballypatrick will deliver real benefits in terms of security, quality and reliability of supply. It will also result in the removal of Graigue from the EPA’s Remedial Action List.” 


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