Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility, responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland is investing €15 million to upgrade the Burncourt and Fethard water supply schemes in the county. The upgrade of these water supply schemes will ensure that a sustainable and reliable supply of drinking water is provided to the communities in Burncourt and Fethard.

Communities in Burncourt and Fethard will begin to receive their new water supplies over the coming weeks. In March 2016 Irish Water will transition the new supply of drinking water to properties in the Burncourt and Fethard areas from the new Water Treatment Plants.

The upgrade of the water supply schemes has many benefits for the areas including, security of supply, improved water quality, and will lead to the removal of Burncourt, Gortnapisha and Cloran water supply zones from the EPA Remedial Action List and the lifting of boil water notices from 93 properties in the area which have been in place since 2007. Other benefits of the new water supply schemes include better water pressure to homes and businesses, fewer unplanned water interruptions and a reduction of the leakage in the area.

The Burncourt Regional Water Scheme involved the construction of a new 2,600 M3/day Water Treatment Plant, a 2,600m3 reservoir, sludge holding tanks and ancillary works. The investment in the Fethard water supply scheme includes the construction of a new 6,500 M3/day Water Treatment Plant and a reservoir, as well as new sludge dewatering building, tanks and work to the river Anner intake and pumping station. The new plant is supplied by four different water sources.

The new plants include robust design, using proven technology for the treatment and continuous monitoring of water quality.

Commenting on the new water supplies for the communities in Burncourt and Fethard Jerry Grant, Head of Asset Management, Irish Water says, “Providing a safe and secure water supply for the communities and businesses in Burncourt and Fethard is a key objective for Irish Water. The upgrade of these water supply schemes will deliver real benefits in terms of security, quality and reliability of supply to the local communities. The removal of long term boil water notices and the removal of Burncourt, Gortnapisha and Cloran from the EPA Remedial Action List will make a real difference to the lives of those who live and work in these communities and will support economic development.”

Irish Water is separately investing €7 million in the rehabilitation of 18.3km of water mains in Fethard Town, Coalbrook and Ballingarry. The Burncourt Water Treatment Plant supply is currently augmented by the Ballylooby Springs source to satisfy demand. Ballylooby Springs is subject to flooding and Irish Water are progressing source protection works to be completed by December 2018. A water conservation project is also taking place in the area to reduce leakage which is currently at 57% and includes the sealing of the Dromroe Reservoir, this work is expected to be completed early this year. Irish Water also began its Find and Fix scheme in the area last November to find and repair leaks on the public water network which has resulted in a saving of approximately 200M3 per day.


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