Water restored to large sections of the city as Irish Water crews make good progress on repairs

Water has now been restored to large parts of Cork City as Irish Water and Cork City Council continue to make good progress on repairing a major burst in a trunk watermain close to Lee Road. It is expected that those areas that are still without water will have their supply restored by approximately 6pm this evening.

The disruption in supply was caused by a burst in a trunk watermain supplying many low lying parts of Cork City this morning. Crews working on behalf of Irish Water have now located the burst and isolated it and are carrying out repairs to a section of the pipe. It is expected that this work will be completed in the coming hours after which supply should begin to return to the remaining affected areas.

In the meantime, water has been restored to most of the city centre business district and surrounding areas. Areas that are still experiencing supply interruptions include Capwell, Ballinlough and Douglas.

Irish Water apologises to all customers for the disruption caused by this incident and thanks them for their patience as we work to resolve it. We will continue to provide updates on this disruption as they become available on the Service and Supply section and via local media. Customers can also call our 24-hour customer care line on 1850 278 278 for information.


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