Irish Water is investing €9.7 million in the Rush wastewater collection project which will benefit over 9,000 residents, tourists and the environment in Rush and will significantly improve the bathing water at South Beach Rush, North Beach and Harbour Road Beach by stopping the discharge of untreated wastewater (sewage) into the sea.  The next step in the project requires an upgrade of the sewer network along the Skerries Road (R128) and will require a phased road closure. Irish Water has organised a free shuttle buses for residents for the duration of the phased road closure along the Skerries Road (R128) to Rush, Loughshinny and Skerries.

At present approximately 75% of sewage generated in Rush discharges untreated into the Irish Sea.  The foul sewer currently in place along the R128 is sub-standard and under capacity. This sewer surcharges in periods of high rainfall discharging raw sewage onto the road and adjacent waterways. The most recent event was 14 August 2017 after a period of heavy rainfall. The new pipe upgrade will eliminate this problem.

Following feedback from the recent drop in public information evening in Rush Community Centre, the number of free shuttle buses has been increased and a bus will run at peak times from  Monday to Saturday from Rush to Skerries. From Monday to Saturday two shuttle buses will run at peak times along the Rush-Lusk-Rush route and a shuttle bus will run from the Rush via Loughshinny to Skerries Train Station.

View the shuttle bus timetable

*The Skerries bound bus will go to the train station but will not stop at Dublin Bus stops after Loughshinny and likewise on return. All approximate times are subject to traffic delays

For further information, please contact the project team on 087-112 7326 or alternatively call save 1850 278 278.

The works along Skerries Road R128 the will be constructed in 7 phases. The first phase of the works will require a Stop/Go single lane closure to be in place. The remaining 6 phases of works are at a much deeper depth as the sewer is located 4.5 metres underground and will require 160 metres of road to close at a time as works advance through the phases. Pedestrian and cycle access will be available throughout for the duration of the works.

A Stop/Go single lane shuttle system is in use for Phase 1 of the works which commenced on Monday, 4 and consists of the relocation of a PVC gas main at a shallow depth.

Throughout the works at least one of the entrances to Golden Ridge will be available for use at all times.  Unfortunately due to the programme of works for the project, these works could not have been commenced until the pumping station and Palmer Road/Chapel Green works were completed. These works are almost complete enabling the Skerries Road works to commence.  Concerns have been expressed about an increase in traffic on the Palmer Road during these works affecting both St. Maurs GAA and Gael Scoil Ros Eo. Local access only signage will also be erected along the road.

Free shuttle bus service

Two free shuttle bus routes with a capacity to match demand will be operating for the duration of the works. Buses will run for the duration and schedule of the Dublin Bus Service from 5am to 12.30am 7 days a week and will pick up and drop off passengers at all the Dublin Bus stops along the route as requested. There will be no connection to the Night Link Service.

Shuttle 1: The bus to take people to Lusk for connection with their regular Dublin Bus Service and return them to Rush on their return. Two shuttle buses will operate at peak morning and evening times from Monday to Saturday from 6am-9am and from 4pm to 7:30pm. The bus will operate from the Skerries Road at Rush to Station Road in Lusk also serving Rush/Lusk Train Station on the route.

Shuttle 2: It will run from the works area on the Loughshinney side (this will change depending on the work phase) to Loughshinney cross to link up with the Dublin Bus service.  At peak morning times on Monday to Saturday from 6am to 9am the bus will run to Skerries train station.

The emergency services have been notified of the proposed road closure. As works progress and sections are completed and other sections opened up the emergency services are notified of these changes by the project team and revised maps forwarded on allowing them to manage their responses should an emergency arise.

The Rush Wastewater Collection Project includes the construction of the new infrastructure to collect and transfer wastewater from existing outfalls and overflows to the foreshore and onwards to the new wastewater treatment plant at Portrane. New pumping stations have been constructed at South Shore, North Beach and East Shore, Rush. The project will improve the bathing water quality at South Beach in Rush and improve the capacity of the network for the future development of Rush. The project team can also be contacted on 087-112 7326.


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