Events designed to highlight the important role science plays in all our lives

Irish Water has been celebrating Science Week in Kerry with a series of events designed to highlight the important role science plays in all our lives and particularly in our role in safeguarding water supplies, protecting the environment and supporting sustainable development.

Radio Kerry

On Thursday Radio Kerry’s Talkabout programme was broadcast from the Lough Guitane Water Treatment plant outside Killarney. Staff from Irish Water, Kerry County Council and An Taisce’s Clean Coasts took part in the programme, speaking about the many ways in which we use science in our work every day and the exciting opportunities presented by a career in science and engineering.

Beach clean

Staff from Irish Water’s Southern Region and Kerry County Council also organised and took part in a big beach clean on Inch Strand this Friday.

The focus for this year’s Science Week (November 10-17) was climate action, helping people to understand climate change and how science and engineering can help to reduce our carbon emissions and move into a more sustainable future.

Irish Water is committed to sustainability. Every day in Ireland we treat and supply 1.7 billion litres of water and collect and treat 1.6 billion litres of wastewater. In Kerry alone, we supply approximately 27 billion litres of water every year. Delivering safe, secure water supplies and treating wastewater so it can be returned safely to the environment is a big task that involves a wide range of expertise in science, engineering and other disciplines. It also requires large amounts of energy; in fact Irish Water is one of the largest public sector users of electricity in Ireland. For this reason, we are committed to reducing our energy use through tackling leakage, upgrading plants and using more energy efficient technology in the treatment of water and wastewater.

Climate change challenge

Other areas where Irish Water is addressing the challenges presented by climate change include in promoting water conservation for homes and businesses; contingency planning for more frequent weather events such as droughts and storms; and supporting initiatives such as Think Before You Flush and Green Schools.

Aisling Buckley from Irish Water commented: “We were delighted to take part in Science Week this year. Scientists and engineers play a key role in Irish Water in helping us safeguard water supplies and protect the environment. We are proud of the work we do and welcomed the opportunity to talk to the people of Kerry about the story of water while also doing our bit to promote science as an exciting career.

“We were particularly pleased to be joined by staff from Kerry County Council during the Outside Broadcast and beach clean. We work in partnership with Kerry County Council every day to deliver safe, secure drinking water supplies and to collect and treat wastewater safely. The main message from Science Week is that we can all play our part in creating a sustainable, climate-friendly future and we are delighted to be doing our bit to create a cleaner, safer environment.”


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