Investment will benefit over 4,000 people

Irish Water, working in partnership with Kilkenny County Council, has completed works to improve the quality of water for the Inistioge and Thomastown Water Supply Schemes. This investment will benefit over 4,000 people across Inistioge and Thomastown ensuring the delivery of a clean, safe and more reliable drinking water source.

Speaking about the works, Diane Carroll, Programme Manager with Irish Water, said
“This is a hugely positive project for Thomastown and Inistioge. For many years, the Inistioge Water Supply Scheme had been served by upland peaty surface water and the water treatment process at the plant was inadequate and led to the formation of elevated concentrations of Trihalomethanes (THMs).

To address this, this project extended the Thomastown Water Supply Scheme to Inistioge through the construction of new water mains and removing the vulnerable water source in Inistioge. The treatment and storage facilities for both Thomastown and Inistioge were also improved as part of the project.”

The Inistioge water supply with the Thomastown Water Supply Scheme

Linking the size and scale of the challenge needed significant investment which allowed Irish Water to upgrade and extend the Thomastown Water Supply Scheme by providing over 17 kilometres of new trunk and rising water main linking the Inistioge water supply with the Thomastown Water Supply Scheme.

Also speaking about the works, James O’Toole, Operations Lead with Irish Water said
“Residents in Inistioge may see a slight variance in their water as the supply coming from Thomastown would be harder water than what was previously supplied to Inistioge, however due to the works carried out, the supply is of the highest quality. In addition to the trunk and rising mains that were laid, a supplementary ground water supply was added at Thomastown with a new treated storage facility in the network at the existing Grennan Water Treatment Plant at Thomastown and at Kilmacshane in Inistioge. This was also augmented by a new upgraded treatment facility at Thomastown and a new booster pumping station at Kilcross and Woodstock in Inistioge.”

These upgraded works will improve drinking water quality and quantity ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water to residents and businesses in Inistioge and the surrounding area. Ward and Burke Construction Limited carried out these works on behalf of Irish Water.

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