Part of Green Campus initiative

Irish Water is helping Cork University Hospital to reduce its water use as part of its Green Campus initiative.

Our conservation experts took part in a water awareness day in the hospital recently where we met staff and discussed ways to save water both at work and at home. There was a very positive response from members of the hospital community who were eager to contribute to the campaign to reduce their water use as part of a more sustainable lifestyle.

During the day, the Irish Water team handed out four-minute shower timers to encourage people to take shorter showers instead of baths. A typical shower uses 10 litres of water per minute, so even a small reduction in shower times can lead to big water savings.
Other simple water saving tips include making sure that taps are not left running; placing a basin in the sink to capture water while washing vegetables; and using water butts to recycle water for the garden. Details were also given on how to check homes for leaks, and Irish Water’s First Fix scheme which provides a free leak repair inside a customer’s property boundary.

Sustainable Healthcare and Living Awareness Campaign

Richard Ó hÉadhra, Irish Water’s Regional Communications Lead, commented “We are delighted to support Cork University Hospital in its Sustainable Healthcare and Living Awareness Campaign, which is a very important and far-seeing initiative. Water is a precious resource and, increasingly, organisations and individuals are becoming more aware of the need to conserve and cherish it.

“Ireland’s water network is facing serious challenges due to the age and poor condition of the infrastructure, population increases and the growth in new industries. We in Irish Water are working to address this by investing in new infrastructure, fixing leaks and improving the network. But everyone can help by becoming more aware of how we use water. By thinking about how we can reduce water waste at home and in our workplaces we can all play our part in safeguarding our water for our future.

Ruaidhrí De Barra of Cork University Hospital’s Sustainable Environment Office commented “I would like to thank the Irish Water team for taking part in the water awareness day, which took place recently at the hospital. CUH is dedicated to implementing the Sustainable Healthcare and Living Awareness Campaign, and we are already taking actions to reduce water use at the hospital.”

To learn more about how you can save water, visit our Water Conservation section. 

Water conservation facts

  • The average Irish person uses 129 litres of water every day
  • A typical shower uses 10 litres of water per minute
  • Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save up to six litres of water per minute
  • Toilet flushing is one of the biggest water users in most homes. A dual flush system or toilet cistern bag can help reduce water waste


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