New 7km Large Diameter Trunk Water main will increase the security of supply for Dublin City and South County Dublin

Irish Water is progressing this strategic project to provide connectivity between the major treated water reservoirs at Peamount and Saggart in South County Dublin. Once complete, this project will increase the security of water supply to Dublin City and South County Dublin.

Irish Water published the Compulsory Purchase Order Public Notice for land purchase, permanent wayleaves, permanent right of way and temporary working areas at Loughtown Upper, Peamount, Keeloges, Westmanstown, Blundelstown, Collegeland, Baldonnel, Rathcoole and Saggart in South County Dublin.

This CPO is required for the construction of approximately 7 kilometres of large diameter trunk water mains between the existing major treated water storage reservoirs at Peamount and Saggart in South County Dublin. As part of this project a pumping station will also be constructed at Peamount. The works will take place near the towns of Newcastle, Rathcoole and Saggart in County Dublin. The water main will be laid in agricultural fields and through Rathcoole Park between Rathcoole and Saggart.

Commenting on the announcement William McKnight, Asset Delivery Infrastructure East and Midlands Regional Lead at Irish Water, said “This project is of strategic importance to Dublin City and South County Dublin. Upon completion of the project, the new pipeline will increase Irish Water’s ability to distribute treated drinking water in the Greater Dublin Area and the surrounding region and thereby increase the security of the water supply for residents and businesses.”

Irish Water spent over €530 million on water services in 2016. Capital investment in the region of €700 million per year is needed for a sustained period of several decades to address the poor condition of Ireland’s water infrastructure. Works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in Irish Water’s Business Plan up to 2021. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5bn investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021 while achieving efficiencies of €1.6bn.


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