Irish Water working in partnership with Leitrim County Council is advising customers that due to the recent extremely cold weather conditions and continued high water usage, water treatment plants are struggling to keep up with water supply demands. 

Customers in South Leitrim are being asked to continue to conserve water to avoid reservoirs emptying and water pressure to homes and businesses being affected.  In particular customers served by the reservoir at Upper Mong are being asked to conserve water due the continued high water use. We are urging customers to conserve water as much as possible to avoid water restrictions being put in place.

Please report any leaks on the public network on 1850 278 278

Irish Water is urging customers to conserve water by turning off taps in properties and farm buildings, not running dishwashers or washing machines where possible and taking showers instead of baths. We are also asking customers to fix any leaks on their properties and to report any leaks they see on the public network to us on 1850 278 278.

Irish Water and Leitrim County Council would like to thank customers in advance for their co-operation in conserving water at this critical time. Irish Water would also like to thank the local authority staff for their efforts in keeping water supplies running in very difficult conditions.

For information on how to conserve water at home, visit our Be Water Smart page.


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