Residents of Bird Avenue in Clonskeagh have benefited from an Irish Water investment of €100,000 to replace their aging their water main which means residents now have a more reliable and consistent water supply. The project involved the installation of 415m of new water main and the decommissioning of the damaged water main.

Irish Water also replaced 54 lead connections to customers’ homes ensuring that they will have access to lead free drinking water. This is the short length of pipe connecting the mains to the outside stop valve. Irish Water recently published its Draft Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Plan which encourages homeowners whose houses were built before 1980 to check their internal plumbing for lead pipes. For customers that have replaced their lead piping Irish Water will replace the service connection free of charge.

The project commenced in June and took two months to complete. Aging and fragile water mains are a common problem across the country resulting from decades of under investment in water infrastructure. Irish Water is committed to addressing this and the replacement of this aging water mains is part of Irish Water’s ongoing investment in Ireland’s water infrastructure. The new water mains will ensure that the security of the water supply to customers will be more reliable with fewer interruptions. It will also improve water pressure for customers as leakage on this section of the water main will be reduced. 

Commenting on the project Ivan Corcoran, East and Midlands Programmes Specialist said “The replacement of this aging water mains will ensure that customers in the area will have a more reliable water supply. We also replaced 54 lead connections to customers’ properties which is an important step to remove lead connections from the public network into private homes. We thank customers for their patience while we worked to complete the project.


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