Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, in partnership with Donegal County Council, today outlined plans for major infrastructure development to address drinking water quality issues in South West Donegal. The projects in South West Donegal represent an investment of approximately €20 million and our part of a total investment of over €73 million in Donegal’s water infrastructure.
Irish Water, working with Donegal County Council, developed a major programme of work which has been prioritised to address the most serious deficiencies. This will involve rationalising a number of sources and treatment plants, including the decommissioning of older plants which are no longer fit for purpose. The main driver for this work is to remove a number of water supply schemes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), Remedial Action List (RAL). These schemes, though generally supplying safe water, are not equipped to manage all of the risk factors which can result in samples failing one or more of the standards in the Drinking Water Regulations.

Irish Water has now completed an evaluation of all options for these projects and today outlined plans to provide a sustainable solution for South West Donegal, aimed at removing schemes from the EPA RAL in the shortest possible timeframe. Works will include upgrades and expansions of water treatment plants at Lettermacaward, Killybegs, Glenties and a new water treatment plant at Owenteskna. A new Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit will be installed at the Glenties water treatment plant as an immediate measure to mitigate against risk of cryptosporidium on this water supply. Work is progressing on the long term solution for a sustainable water supply for this area. The upgrades in South West Donegal will enable the removal of the following schemes from the EPA RAL, Nairn-Portnoo, Fintown, Owenteskna/Kilcar and address the EPA RAL for sludge treatment on the Killybegs water treatment plant.

These upgrade works will provide a sustainable, safe, clean drinking water supply for homes and businesses in South West Donegal,” said Sean Corrigan, Regional Information Officer, Irish Water. “We are continuing our work to deliver long term drinking water supplies to support future social and economic growth in the region and ensure the communities of South West Donegal can continue to thrive with a drinking water supply network that meets their needs.”

Irish Water has planned for construction works to commence in 2016 on the new Owenteskna water treatment plant, upgrades of the Glenties supply and interconnecting pipework to Fintown and Nairn-Portnoo. Planning and statutory consents for the major upgrades and expansion at Killybegs and Lettermacaward will continue through 2016, with construction to take place over 2017 and 2018.


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