Works to reduce risk of sewers flooding and improve water quality

Irish Water is committed to improving the sewer network in Roscommon town by upgrading the existing network and constructing new sewers, pumping stations and storm water holding tanks. These works when completed will reduce the risk of sewers flooding; improve water quality in the Jiggy and Hind Rivers, ensure compliance with Irish and EU regulations and facilitate economic development. Roscommon County Council has recently granted planning permission for these essential works.

Colm Claffey, Irish Water’s Infrastructure Lead explained further “Irish Water is committed to improving the wastewater network in Roscommon which has experienced increased storm water overflows and pollution events. These events are negatively affecting the water quality in the Hind and Jiggy rivers. The existing sewer system collects and combines rain/surface water and wastewater. This results in high volumes of both surface water and wastewater to be managed. Upgrades are required to the collection system to improve the situation and to this end Irish Water has recently been granted planning permission which we welcome.” 

What is involved?

This project will include the construction of new higher capacity sewers; construction of new pumping stations; and construction of new storm water holding tanks.

It is anticipated that construction will commence at the end of 2020 and is expected to be completed within 18 months. Irish Water will be in contact with local businesses and residents who will benefit from these works ahead of construction. 

Investment Plan

This project forms part of Irish Water’s investment plan. Works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in Irish Water’s Business Plan. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5 billion investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021.

More information

Once construction commences details of work will be updated regularly on the Water Supply Updates section.


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