Fixing leaking water mains leads to savings of over half a million litres of water every week

Residents of Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny will enjoy a much improved water supply with better pressure and fewer outages following the completion of a €400,000 project to replace aging water mains supplying the area.

The project, which involved the installation of 2.5 km of new water mains in the Stoneyford area, has already led to savings of almost 3,000 litres of treated water per hour – that’s more than half a million litres every week. For Irish Water customers in the area, this means a much more reliable water supply with better pressure and fewer outages due to burst pipes, which was a frequent problem in the past due to the age and poor condition of the water mains.

The project, which was carried out in partnership with Kilkenny County Council, got underway at the start of the year and was completed in recent weeks. In addition to the reduction in leakage, the work has resulted in considerable energy savings by eliminating the need to pump water to a second reservoir to compensate for water lost to leaks.

Commenting on the project David Sharry, Irish Water’s Southern Capital Programmes Lead, said “The replacement of these aging water mains will ensure that customers in the area will have a more reliable water supply with better and more consistent water pressure. Due to the age of the network around Stoneyford burst pipes were a frequent occurrence, resulting in significant disruption to local residents and businesses. We prioritised work to enable the upgrade of the network as soon as possible. All work on the water mains has now been completed and we hope to conclude the commissioning process over the coming weeks. We would like to thank customers in the area for their support and patience while this work was taking place.”

Water mains rehabilitation is one aspect of Irish Water’s plan to reduce leakage. Leakage is also being targeted through Irish Water’s First Fix Free Scheme, which supports customers in reducing leaks on their property, benefitting over 425 householders in Kilkenny to date. 


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