Irish Water is proposing to upgrade, replace and extend the water treatment facility at the Lee Road to provide a more secure water supply to over 100,000 people in Cork City.

The Lee Road Treatment Plant provides almost 70% of Cork City’s total water supply with the remaining supply provided mainly from Inniscarra Water Treatment Works.

The treatment of water commenced at the Lee Road location circa 1879. Since then, there have been several upgrades to the treatment facility with major upgrades taking place during the 1920s and 1950s.

The proposed works provide for a 40,000 cubic metres per day capacity water treatment facility. This involves the upgrading of existing sedimentation tanks, construction of new raw water tanks and pumps, filters, ultraviolet treatment and sludge treatment facilities. The contract will also include new chemical dosing as well as monitoring and control systems.

The proposal will improve the efficiencies of the facility resulting in a more secure water supply and service to Cork City, while also protecting it from future flooding similar to that of November 2009. It will also facilitate the removal of the Cork City Water Supply from the EPA’s remedial action list.

Further investment is programmed for the interconnectivity and upgrade and expansion of the Inniscarra Water Treatment Plant, with the first contract to commence on site in early 2017. The enhanced connections from Inniscarra Water Treatment Plant to the city supply of Lee Road will improve resilience and security of supply and create capacity for future growth to the City of Cork and environs.

Commenting on the announcement, Irish Water’s Gerry O'Donnell said: “Providing a safe and secure water supply for our customers in Cork City is a top priority for Irish Water. This proposed upgrade of the Lee Road Water Treatment Plant will deliver real benefits in terms of security of supply.”

For more information about Irish Water's ongoing projects across the country, please visit our Projects and Plans page.


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