Planning submitted to progress the Athlone Networks Contract

Irish Water is working in partnership with Westmeath County Council to deliver the Athlone Networks Contract No. 2. To progress the project Irish Water has submitted planning applications to Westmeath County Council to construct new sections of the sewer network under the River Shannon, decommission existing pumping stations that are not fit for purpose, construct new pumping stations and increase storm water storage tanks. Irish Water is currently undertaking detailed design work on sewer upgrades in Athlone. The project will reduce the risk to properties of sewer flooding in non-extreme rainfall events, as well as substantially reducing overflows to the River Shannon from combined sewer outfalls.

If planning is granted it is expected that work will commence in Q4 2018 and will take two years to complete. The new infrastructure will increase capacity in the network, alleviate property flooding from sewer overflows, protect the environment and support future development in the area. The contract involves the construction of new foul wastewater pumping stations and the decommissioning of a number of existing pumping stations, construction of new storm storage tanks and new sewer pipes. Planning permission is being sought for the demolition of the pumping station at Abby Road. Planning permission is also being sought for the construction of a new sewer crossing, under the River Shannon at Bigmeadow townland, Athlone Town Centre, between the Quay Road and the western side of the river to the Strand Carpark at the south west of Strand Street. Planning permission is also being sought for the development of the Coosan West Pumping Station at Old Coosan Road which includes the decommissioning of the existing pumping station and the provision for a new higher volume underground pumping station. New sewers will be constructed at Deer Park Road in Doovage Townland, through Athlone Showgrounds and Big Meadow Townland and planning permission is being sought for the construction of a new sewer crossing, under the River Shannon to the east bank in Burgess Park in Golden Island.  A new pumping station, for which planning permission has already been granted, will also be constructed at Golden Island.

Commenting on the project Esther White, Programme Manager at Irish Water, said “Irish Water is pleased to submit the planning applications to progress this project to upgrade the Athlone wastewater infrastructure. This project is needed to protect properties from sewer flooding and substantially reduce the discharge of untreated sewage into the River Shannon. Once complete the network will have increased capacity and will support future economic development in the area.”


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