Project to involve building of new wastewater treatment plant

Irish Water, working in partnership with Clare County Council, is progressing with plans for a proposed new wastewater treatment plant in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare. This project will eliminate the discharge of the equivalent of over 800 wheelie bins of raw sewage per day into Ballyvaughan Bay.

Wastewater in the Ballyvaughan area is currently treated by a septic tank system which discharges untreated effluent into Ballyvaughan Bay through an outfall. The discharge of wastewater threatens water quality, damages the amenity value of the area and does not comply with EU regulations relating to the treatment of wastewater.

The project will involve building a new wastewater treatment plant to serve a population equivalent of 1,050 as well as a new pumping station and 1.4km of new sewer pipelines.

Why is this needed?

Anthony Kavanagh, Irish Water’s Infrastructure Delivery Lead, said “This new wastewater treatment plant will bring big benefits to the area by protecting the environment, improving the water quality in the bay and supporting growth and development.

“The new pipes, pumping station and treatment plant have all been sized to accommodate projected growth in the local population.”

Following consultations with all landowners affected by the proposed scheme, Irish Water has submitted a Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire all the lands and wayleaves required to progress this project.

More information

For further information, members of the public can contact the project team at To see more projects in Clare and your local area visit our Project and Plans section.


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