Water main has been prone to frequent bursts causing outages for local residents and businesses

Irish Water, working in partnership with Roscommon County Council, will be replacing 1,550 metres of problematic water main in Ballinlough which has been prone to frequent bursts causing sporadic water outages for local residents and businesses.

A thorough investigation has been undertaken of a section of water main located along the N60 Ballyhaunis Road out of Ballinlough Village which has been the subject of a recent spate of bursts.

In an effort to arrive at a sustainable solution to this problem, flow and pressure monitoring of this localised distribution system has taken place.

Existing asbestos cement pipeline was constructed over 40 years ago

The bursts which have been occurring recently are as a result of the age and type of the existing water main which is a 100mm diameter asbestos cement pipeline constructed over 40 years ago.  The full length of this water main is 1,550 metres long and this will be replaced as part of these necessary works. 

This section of water main has been added to the Network Rehabilitation Programme and will be prioritised and accelerated for delivery as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that the works will be completed before the Carrack NS return from its summer holidays.

Minor valve installation programme has already commenced

In the shorter term a minor valve installation programme has already commenced which will minimise the extent of the interruption being caused by these bursts. 

We would like to thank Roscommon County Council’s operational crews for their speedy reaction and repair of these bursts which are completed within hours of their occurrence.  Irish Water would like to remind premises owners that it is recommended they have internal storage capacity equivalent to one day’s usage to ensure the effect on their business are minimised during unplanned interruptions to their water supply.

Irish Water and Roscommon County Council regret the inconvenience this is causing for customers in the area and are treating this as a matter of priority.

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