Works will ensure a secure, clean and safe drinking water supply for the people of the area

Irish Water today lodged a planning application for essential, emergency upgrade works at the Lough Talt Water Treatment Plant to ensure a secure, clean and safe drinking water supply for the people of the area who are on a boil water notice since February 5.

The Lough Talt Water Treatment Plant is currently on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Remedial Action List (RAL) for both cryptosporidium and Trihalomethanes (THM) risk. 

Risk of further cryptosporidium detections

The level of treatment currently provided at the Lough Talt water treatment plant does not provide adequate protection against cryptosporidium. Irish Water is advising customers that in the absence of a validated cryptosporidium barrier there is a risk of further cryptosporidium detections in the supply.

2015 planning application

In 2015, Irish Water proposed to construct a water treatment plant downstream of the existing water treatment plant site but was refused planning permission by Sligo County Council and subsequently on appeal by An Bord Pleanála.

The 2015 application was refused permission because An Bord Pleanála could not exclude the possibility that the development, in combination with the abstraction from Lough Talt, would adversely affect the Lough Hoe Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the River Moy SAC (within which Lough Talt is located).

Long term solution

The proposed development will address the absence of an effective crypto barrier, and also provide mitigation against the formation of THMs. However, we acknowledge that a long term solution will be the provision of water from an alternative source and therefore  envisage that the upgrade works at the existing Lough Talt Water Treatment Plant will be in place for up to 10 years.


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