Planning application submitted to Wicklow County Council

Irish Water has submitted a planning application to Wicklow County Council for the upgrade of the Kiltegan Water Treatment Plant.

Temporary measures

A temporary nitrate removal system is currently operational at the plant which enabled Irish Water and the HSE to remove the “Do Not Consume” notice in July.

Planning process

The planning application proposes a permanent nitrate removal system and a new production water supply well. Irish Water’s priority is the provision of safe, clean and complaint drinking water and safeguarding the water supply for the future is a vital focus. Irish Water is committed to providing a safe, secure water supply to homes and businesses in Kiltegan and surrounding areas.

Speaking about the application, Ivan Corcoran, Capital Programme Lead, said: “Irish Water is aware of the inconvenience caused to homes and businesses by the Do Not Consume Notice that was in place until July.

The installation of an additional water treatment process, an interim nitrate removal system, allowed Irish Water, and the HSE, to remove the notice. Irish Water will now progress a permanent solution, and have applied to install a permanent nitrate removal system to safeguard the water supply in Kiltegan.”




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