Irish Water today revealed that it is saving over 1 million litres of water each day due to the work carried out under its First Fix Free Scheme as the utility has just issued letters to homeowners in Westmeath whose meters have triggered a continuous flow alarm. Irish Water is appealing to these Westmeath homeowners to first check for any internal leaks and if none are found they should contact Irish Water to avail of a free leak investigation. 

Replacement of old and leaking pipes across the country

The First Fix Free scheme has been up and running since 2015 and provides a free leak investigation for homeowners whose meters register an alarm due to a continuous flow of water. If there is a leak present on the pipe carrying water from the public water mains to your home (typically located in the front garden or yard of properties) Irish Water will fix the leak for free.  

The First Fix Free Scheme is one of a number of initiatives by Irish Water to address Ireland’s massive leakage issue. Under the Utility’s Leakage Reduction Programme, Irish Water is carrying out the prioritised replacement of old and leaking pipes across the country, replacement of shared, backyard services and the Find and Fix programme.
Derek Deignan Engineer with the Leakage Reduction Programme at Irish Water said, ‘Almost half of the water produced at Irish Water’s treatment plants is lost through leakage. The water network in Ireland has enough pipes to circle the earth so finding and fixing leaks on our antiquated network is a massive undertaking which will take decades to bring to an acceptable level. In addition to the planned leakage replacement works we are carrying out, we are also assisting homeowners by notifying them directly where suspected leakage is occurring within the boundary of their property. Data obtained from meter reads highlights unusual water usage patterns and allows us to isolate the source of leaks to a particular property, thereby reducing the time required for leak investigation.'

Availing of a free leak investigation

Irish Water is asking customers who have received letters to first check their properties for internal leaks.  If none are present they should then make contact with the utility to avail of a free leak investigation. We also appeal to any customers who suspect an external leak on their property or who witness a leak in their local area to contact us immediately on 1850 278 278.

More information

Customers can register for the scheme by visiting our First Fix Free page.

For more information on the First Fix Free Scheme, along with details of the work Irish Water is doing to address the national leakage problem, please visit our National Leakage Reduction page.


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