Consumption levels have risen dramatically

Irish Water, working in partnership with Monaghan County Council, is appealing to customers to conserve water to ensure a consistent supply to all consumers. Consumption levels in the county have risen dramatically and usage levels are being monitored consistently to ensure supply does not outstrip demand.

Leak detection and repair crews are mobilised across the county and are fixing burst pipes as they occur. These bursts are symptomatic of the freeze and subsequent thaw. Disruptions to supply as a result of bursts are short-term and there are no customers in Co Monaghan experiencing long-term water loss as a result of the recent cold snap.

We would like to sincerely thank Monaghan County Council for their immense efforts in ensuring a water supply for all customers in the county under very difficult circumstances.

Please report any leaks on public property

Our customer care helpline is available 24/7 on 1850 278 278 to report leaks and outages. Customers are urged to report loss of service or visible leaks to assist Irish Water to identify bursts.

Turn off taps and check for leaks on your properties

In order to conserve water Irish Water is appealing to customers to turn off taps and check for leaks on their own properties and in holiday homes and unoccupied premises and to report them to Irish Water’s customer care helpline. Irish Water is also appealing to any customers with external taps to ensure that these are securely turned off as we try to protect the levels of our reservoirs and secure drinking water for local communities. A continuous flow from an external tap over a 24 hour period could use the equivalent of the daily water usage of 40 households.

Irish Water and Monaghan County Council would like to thank customers in advance for their co-operation in conserving water at this critical time.

Do you have a frozen or burst pipe?

For information on dealing with frozen or burst pipes, visit our dedicated support page.

Once further information is available we will issue another update. Updates will also be posted to our Supply and Service section. Customers can contact our customer care helpline, open 24/7, on 1850 278 278 or on Twitter @IWCare.


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