Restrictions necessary to allow reservoirs to refill so daytime supply can be maintained

Irish Water and Longford County Council wish to advise customers supplied by Cairnhill reservoir that essential overnight water restrictions have been extended until Tuesday 28 April to allow local reservoirs to re-fill. The restrictions are in place nightly from 10.30pm until 8am. 

Areas affected

These restrictions are necessary to allow reservoirs to refill so that daytime water supply can be maintained. Areas supplied by Cairnhill reservoir may be impacted by disruption to their water supply during these night time restrictions. The following areas may be impacted;

  • Derrynacross; Cornafunshin; Kilmahon; Letterggeeragh; Lettergullion; Crowdrumman; Brocklagh;
  • Monaduff; Gaigue; Derawley; Dooroc; Cartrongolan Drumlish area (not village); Sliabh Cairbe Estate;
  • Cairn Hill View Estate; Cairn Hill View estate; Lettergonnell; Carrickateane; Derreenavoggy; Aghamore Upper;
  • Aghacordrinan; Molly; Gelshagh; Lislea; Aghakilmore; Soran Road; Drumnacooha; Esker South; Clontumpher;
  • Aghaboy; Enybegs and surrounding areas. 

We are asking customers in these areas to be mindful of how they use water. However it is important to continue to follow the HSE guidance on hand washing. 


While handwashing remains a priority, simple water conservation efforts can have a big impact on reducing demand on the supply. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and shaving can save up to 6 litres of water per minute. Taking a shower instead of a bath or using a watering can rather than a hose when gardening can also make a big difference in water use. We are also reminding people with responsibility for properties that are currently unoccupied to check for leaks and turn off water where it is not required. There are lots more tips on how to conserve water in your home on our Conservation page.

Irish Water is working at this time, with our local authority partners, contractors and others to safeguard the health and well-being of staff and the public and to ensure the continuity of drinking water and wastewater services. 

More information

Irish Water and Longford County Council would like to thank customers for their patience as work continues to ensure reservoirs recover and water supply is secured. For further information please visit our Supply and Service section. The Irish Water customer care helpline is open 24/7 and customers can call us on 1850 278 278 and contact us on Twitter @IWCare.


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