Existing wastewater infrastructure in Castlemaine is overloaded and outdated

Irish Water is commencing work on a new wastewater treatment plant and network improvements in Castlemaine, Co. Kerry. Existing wastewater infrastructure in Castlemaine is overloaded and outdated. This project will provide a new wastewater treatment plant, as well as the additional associated infrastructure required to connect the new plant into the existing wastewater network in the village.

Irish Water will invest over €6.6 million in this project. On completion, the new infrastructure will improve wastewater treatment quality and capacity. Once operational, the new plant will ensure compliance with wastewater discharge regulations.

This project will enhance the local environment of Castlemaine and provide a platform for social and economic development into the future," said Joseph Kennedy, Regional Infrastructure Lead with Irish Water.

We look forward to working with the local community to deliver this project in conjunction with our partners, Kerry County Council and Glan Agua. Wastewater treatment is currently by means of septic tank system in Castlemaine and this process is no longer capable of providing treatment appropriate for this location."

Further Information:
Castlemaine is currently served by overloaded and outdated wastewater treatment infrastructure and therefore a new wastewater treatment plant and some network improvements are required.

What does the project involve?

  • Building a new wastewater treatment plant at Castlemaine. The plant has been designed to allow further expansion at a later date if required
  • Building a new pumping station with storm water storage.
  • Replacing over 660 metres of sewer
  • Building a new pumping station including provision of storm water storage at the outfall to the River Maine
  • Glan Agua has been awarded the contract to deliver the project, and work will commence in the coming weeks.

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Once complete, the new wastewater treatment plant and upgraded sewer network will deliver several benefits, including:
  • Protection of the environment, specifically the water quality in the River Maine and Castlemaine Harbour
  • Legal compliance, as the quality of treated effluent will comply with regulatory requirements and Castlemaine’s wastewater discharge authorisation
  • Capacity for future growth, as the plant will provide wastewater treatment for future growth in Castlemaine and can be expanded further in future if required.


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