Irish Water has announced that the Water Services Strategic Plan (WSSP), Ireland’s first comprehensive plan for the strategic delivery of water services has been approved today by Alan Kelly TD, Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government.

The WSSP sets out the national strategies that need to be implemented in the short, medium and longer term to ensure the availability of safe drinking water, an environment that is protected from the impacts of wastewater discharges, and efficient modern systems that meet the needs of customers, contribute to economic growth and provide value for money. The document addresses six key themes of customer service, clean safe drinking water, effective treatment of wastewater, protecting the environment, supporting economic growth and investing for the future.

Jerry Grant, Head of Asset Management, Irish Water, said: “The Water Services Strategic Plan sets out a national long-term view to provide our customers with reliable water services, essential to a modern economy. This is the first time that a 25 year vision for water services has been developed in Ireland. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the public consultation process to date. This feedback was invaluable in the development of the first integrated national strategy for water services, which was approved today by Minister Kelly. The WSSP is supported by the recently published Irish Water Business Plan which sets out the initial implementation phase up to 2021.”

Delivering on the WSSP over the next 25 years requires an unprecedented transformation in how the industry operates and in the levels of investment. The Plan sets out the challenges we face as a country in relation to the provision of water services and identifies strategic national priorities. It details appropriate strategies to address these challenges in an economic and efficient manner whilst seeking to strike the balance between operational and capital investment.

Irish Water engaged with the public in the development of the WSSP throughout two stages of public consultation, both statutory and non-statutory. The Plan was also subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and an Appropriate Assessment (AA).

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