Irish Water and Meath County Council confirm that the water supply for east and southeast Meath is returning after the completion of a complex repair on a uniquely high pressured water main at Staleen Water Treatment Plant. Reservoir levels have risen during the course of today and the situation in terms of mains water supply has improved in most of the affected areas. Duleek, Stamullen and the coastal areas of Laytown, Bettystown, Mornington, Donacarney and Grangerath currently have close to normal mains water supply.

It is anticipated that full mains water supply to the Ashbourne and Ratoath areas will return over the next 24 hours. Restoration of supply will take longer for a number of the high ground areas and peripheral parts of the network.

Water storage units at the designated stations are continually being replenished and customers are reminded to bring clean containers, and as a precautionary measure to boil water taken from these stations before use.

Disturbance in the pipe may result in some customers receiving turbidly or discoloured water. Irish Water is satisfied based on testing that the water is safe to drink. Irish Water will continue to monitor the water quality over the coming days. It can be anticipated that there may be some local issues with the taste and colour of water and advice is available on our water quality section.

Customers may also experience airlocks in their pipes. For information on how to remove air locks in your home, please view our guide on how to check for and clear airlocks.

Irish Water and Meath County Council would like to thank all customers affected for their continued patience and understanding during this difficult period.

We also want to acknowledge all help and support provided by all state agencies, Defence forces, contractors, community groups, elected and local representatives, public volunteers, and local farmers for their assistance especially with vulnerable customers during this incident.


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