Supplies to be maintained to customers across Dublin County, Wicklow, Meath, Kildare and the bulk of Dublin city centre over the weekend

  • National picture has improved significantly with only a few small pockets with no water supply.
  • 2,450 customers remain without a water supply, 30,216 customers have a restricted supply and now no customers on boil water notices relating to storm Emma
  • One do not drink notice in Fethard serving 12,000 plant clean-up underway, plant scheduled to be back in production on Monday, 19 March
  • Irish Water and the Greater Dublin Region Local Authorities continue to make good progress on finding and fixing leaks
  • Shortfall of 60 million litres of water between production at plants and consumption by customers on Monday has been reversed with restrictions in place
  • Some local restrictions may still be experienced in a number of areas because of the revised network arrangement
  • No planned water restrictions in Fingal, Kildare, Westmeath, Wicklow, Meath and Leitrim

Irish Water working with the Local Authorities in the Greater Dublin Area are making progress in finding and fixing leaks on the public network and also on private side leaks in homes and businesses. On Monday we had a 60 million litre deficit on the volume of water being produced at our plants versus the demand from customers across the region. The demand for water needed by homes and businesses has stabilised between in the last number of days. It is encouraging that Irish Water can meet and exceed demand by operating plants above normal output. The stabilisation of demand indicates that people running taps and broken pipes in homes and businesses appears to have significantly reduced. Therefore underground leaks on the public water network, which is made up of old and fragile pipes which are on average 80 years old, is likely to be the main source of Storm Emma water losses.

However, the demand of 584 million litres per day across the region remains high despite the impacts of restrictions being applied. Irish Water’s strategy must be to continue to build up water reserves in our reservoirs while continuing to reduce leakage.  The storage levels in our reservoirs remains nearly 70 million litres below what is required to operate at normal levels.

Our strategy to maintain our efforts to reduce leakage will continue and we will continue to maximise production for as long as can be sustained and to retain appropriate levels of conservation through leakage reduction restrictions.

Working in conjunction with local authorities, and having regard to the progress made, Irish Water is scaling back substantially the number of water restrictions in Dublin for Friday and Saturday. This will involve the team continuing to manage pressure in the system but doing so in a manner which should ensure the vast majority of homes and businesses see little or no impact on their water supply. The team will be reviewing the impact of the restrictions over Friday night to ensure there is no risk to long term recovery of water supplies. In general, restrictions will only apply to those areas where the system has been set up to support the increased output of water from our Ballymore Eustace water treatment plant. This will have some impact in the north inner city, parts of Dublin 8, South Circular Road, Lower Drumcondra and areas in Crumlin and Walkinstown.

Irish Water is appealing to homeowners and businesses to conserve water at this time. Advice on how to do so is available on Where customers do have leaks in their homes we would appeal to them to prioritise getting these fixed. Any visible leaks should be reported to Irish Water on 1850 278 278.  For elected representatives Irish Water has dedicated phone lines in place for elected representatives. The phone number is 1890 578 578 for TDs and Senators and for Councillors the Local Representative number is 1890 178 178.

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