Ensure a more secure and resilient water supply for homes and businesses

Irish Water has initiated a major project to secure drinking water supply in the Greater Dublin Area by linking the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant with the Saggart Reservoirs. This will mean that there will be greater connectivity between water supplies so Irish Water can access different sources at different times of the year and during extreme weather events. This will help to ensure a more secure and resilient water supply for homes and businesses.

Investing €35 million in Leixlip to Saggart Water Main Project

We are investing over €35 million in the Leixlip to Saggart Water Main Project. The purpose of the project is to construct an interconnecting pipeline and pumping station which will increase the connectivity of water supplies within the Greater Dublin Area. 

Project will include works in Rathcoole Park

As part of this project a significant section of new pipeline will be laid through Rathcoole Park. Construction works in the park will commence on October 1st  2018 and are scheduled to be completed by Quarter 4 2019. Ward and Burke Construction Ltd. is working on behalf of us to deliver this project.

Short term impacts while construction is underway

We have worked with local residents and representatives to let them know of the unavoidable disruption and endeavoured to ensure that the works in the park have been designed to have the minimum impact on park users. However, some short term impacts are unavoidable whilst construction is underway, as the water main is to extend underneath current amenities in the park. Some sports pitches will be closed while the fitness stands and playground will remain open for the duration of the works. All existing entrances to the park will be maintained. To facilitate the work and to ensure public safety, extensive security fencing will be erected around the perimeter of the construction area. Signage will also be in place to advise park users on how to navigate their way through the park during the works.

Commenting on the project, William McKnight, Irish Water Engineer, said “The size and scale of this project is really significant and is of real strategic importance to Greater Dublin Area. Once completed, the new pipeline will increase Irish Water’s ability to distribute treated drinking water in the Greater Dublin Area and the surrounding region. This is a huge advantage to consumers and Irish Water, particularly during extreme weather events, likes the storms last winter or the drought this summer. It will increase the security of the water supply for homes and businesses alike.”

Business and Residents

We are committed to communicating with business and residents as this project progresses.

Projects and Plans

For more information on our projects, please visit out Projects and Plans page.

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