Removal follows significant investment by Irish Water in the Sligo & Environs Water Supply Scheme

Irish Water has welcomed the news that the Lough Gill Regional Water Supply has been removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Remedial Action List (RAL). This follows a €3 million investment in the Sligo & Environs Water Supply Scheme.

This investment is ensuring a more sustainable water supply is provided to approximately 11,000 people who were served from Cairn’s Hill Water Treatment Plant (WTP).  The works involved the upgrading of the existing Foxes Den WTP, the decommissioning of the existing Cairns Hill WTP together with associated site and ancillary works.

The upgrading of the existing Foxes Den WTP ensures that the plant can meet the current water demand whilst also providing capacity to meet future development needs.

The Foxes Den facility is a modern plant which has the adequate barriers required for delivering quality water. Providing additional capacity at this plant was found to be more cost effective than trying to completely refurbish the older Cairns Hill plant where the treatment process resulted in the scheme being at risk of failing to meet all drinking water quality standards.

Irish Water is committed to addressing the shortcomings in drinking water treatment on the Lough Talt Regional Water Supply, the only other Sligo supply on the RAL. Funding for an upgraded treatment plant is included in Irish Water’s approved Capital Investment Plan. The issues with planning have been well documented and Irish Water is now reviewing all options available to address this issue and will be actively engaging with relevant stakeholders to resolve this critical issue in the short term.

Irish Water announced an investment of €1.9 million in the Lough Talt Regional Water Supply Scheme network last April. This project involves the rehabilitation and replacement of 17km of water mains in Curry, Quarryfield, Killavel and Oldrock, with 24km of new polyethylene water mains to be located primarily on public roads. This will reduce the need to extract and treat 5.3 million litres of water every month from Lough Talt, enough to fill more than two Olympic size swimming pools. This project will benefit customers by strengthening and reinforcing the networks in these supply areas, reducing disruptions in supply and improving overall water quality.

Speaking about the RAL and the ongoing work in Sligo, Irish Water’s Regional Compliance Specialist Pat O’Sullivan said “The publication of the latest RAL update is a confirmation of the focus and dedication of Irish Water and Sligo County Council in ensuring the delivery of clean and wholesome water in the county.

As a single utility Irish Water is able to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of Ireland’s drinking water production plants and where serious compliance challenges are found they can be tackled more effectively and efficiently.” 

The RAL is updated quarterly by the EPA for those water supplies where investment in treatment processes is required. Irish Water has a prioritised programme of investment for all schemes on the RAL.


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