Residents and businesses will benefit from more secure and reliable water supply as a result

Leakage of treated water in Killaloe has been reduced by 57% or 867,000 litres per day as a result of a €200,000 Irish Water project to identify and repair leaking pipes.

This will have significant benefits for businesses and residents in the town, providing a much more reliable and secure supply overall and a reduction in supply disruption due to burst pipes.

The six week project, which got underway at the end of June, was identified as a priority investment to address high leakage levels as well as poor water pressure and frequent disruptions to supply, due to the age and poor condition of the water supply network in the town.

By fixing broken water mains and old valves throughout the town, crews working on behalf of Irish Water together with Clare County Council crews were able to achieve savings of up to 57% in the volume of water lost to leakage, significantly above the 20% target set out at the start of the project.

Alan Morrissey, Irish Water’s Networks Programme Regional Lead, said “The large volume of treated water that has been saved – 867,000 litres per day - clearly shows how important and necessary this work has been. This is treated water which was being lost to leakage, rather than being available to supply homes and businesses in the town as it should have been. Irish Water customers and visitors to Killaloe will start to see the benefit of this immediately with improved pressure and a reduction in supply disruption.”

Given the high cost of treating and storing drinking water, it is a key priority for Irish Water to reduce leakage as much as possible. By doing this, in Killaloe and elsewhere, we will not only create a more efficient water supply network, but we will also provide our customers with a much more secure and reliable supply.

Irish Water would especially like to thank the residents and businesses of Killaloe for their patience and co-operation for the past few weeks while we have been carrying out this essential work.

Customers can also play their part in tackling leakage through Irish Water’s First Fix Free scheme which supports customers in reducing leaks on their property. For more information on availing of the scheme, please see the First Fix Free section.


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