Kilkenny Project awarded Asset Optimisation Initiative of the Year

Irish Water’s Kilkenny Sludge Project has been recognised at the prestigious Water Industry Awards, which recognises excellence in the water industry across the UK and Ireland. The Kilkenny Project was awarded Asset Optimisation Initiative of the Year at a digital award ceremony on 30 July 2020.

Projects financial svaings

The Kilkenny Sludge Project involved taking a combined approach to sludge management across the Troyswood Water Treatment Plant and the Purcellsinch Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project has resulted in financial savings of over €140,000 per annum, as well as significantly reducing energy consumption, chemical use and the amount of sludge going to landfill.  The project was a result of collaboration between Irish Water’s Process Optimisation and Regional Operations teams and Kilkenny County Council.

Sludge is a natural by-product of the water treatment process which is typically sent to landfill. Under the new approach, the sludge was transferred to the Purcellsinch wastewater treatment plant, where it can be used as part of the wastewater treatment process.

Martin Dunne, Irish Water Process Optimisation Specialist, said “We are delighted with the outcome of this project. As well as improving the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the service we provide in Kilkenny, it was also very valuable to Irish Water as a proof-of-concept and proof-of-benefit pilot project. It provides a clear template which we can apply to our facilities around the country.”

Speaking about the award, the Water Industry Awards judges described the project as a great example of resource recovery to produce operational benefits.

Benefit to local environment

John Ormond, Senior Executive Engineer at Kilkenny County Council, said “Kilkenny County Council is honoured to be part of the recent success at the UK Water Industry Awards in the Asset Optimisation Initiative category. This success reflects the positive collaboration with Irish Water and the significant input by Kilkenny County Council staff at both the wastewater treatment plant in Purcellsinch and the water treatment plant in Troyswood. The most pleasing outcome of the project is the overall benefit to the local environment resulting from the elimination of sludge disposal to landfill, the reduction in overall sludge produced at both treatment plants, reduced chemical usage and reduced energy consumption.”

The Water Industry Awards recognise excellence in innovation, best practice and customer service across UK and Irish water companies and their supply chain. While the awards are in their fourteenth year, Irish Water is the first winner of the Asset Optimisation Initiative of the Year category.


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