Irish Water recently completed upgrade works to the Arvagh Wastewater Treatment Plant which will reduce the environmental impact on the final effluent being discharged to the receiving waters.

The Arvagh Wastewater Treatment Plant, which discharges into Lough Lower, serves a population of approximately 1,200. As part of this investment in Arvagh, provision has been made to allow for to allow for future expansion of the plant supporting both the social and economic growth of the town. This €340,000 investment will also reduce operational costs at the plant.

Niall O’Donnell from Irish Water’s Minor Programmes section commented “Irish Water is working with Cavan County Council to continually improve wastewater treatment plants and networks throughout the county and this project was carried out as part of this initiative. The works were also bundled with a project at the Westport Wastewater Treatment Plant in Co. Mayo to ensure great efficiencies and cost saving measures are achieved for Ireland’s national water utility.”

The Arvagh Wastewater Treatment Plant works included a new inlet screen and screenings compaction unit, provision of storm water tanks and storm water return pump sump, upgrade of existing primary settlement tank, upgrade of existing rotating biological contactor’s to provide additional treatment, provision of sludge storage tank to improve treatment at the plant and reduce operating costs, civil works including new concrete structures and modifications to pipework and ducting, installation of wash water sump and back wash pumps, and installation of new control panels and integration into existing site setup.

This project forms part of Irish Water’s investment plan where over €530 million will be invested in upgrading services in 2016 to improve the country’s water and wastewater infrastructure. The Irish Water Business Plan has earmarked almost €2 billion in improving wastewater quality and capacity up to 2021.

For more information, please view the Irish Water Business Plan.

Cavan, Mayo

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