Irish Water is aware of bad odours at the wastewater treatment plant at Barnageeragh and is working with our contractor and Fingal County Council staff to resolve the issue.

There was a fault with an airline valve on one of the treatment tanks at the wastewater treatment plant at Barnageeragh on 8 September. The valve was replaced within 12 hours but it was subsequently discovered that the power cable also needed to be replaced. This work was completed today.

Contracting staff, working with staff from Fingal County Council and Irish Water are using odour suppressant is at the site and a record is being taken of the smell at the site. Under normal circumstance the odour control systems at the site are regularly maintained and a recent odour survey carried out did not reveal any issues of concern.

However, it is expected that the bad smell could last for up to two weeks while the tank fully recovers it functions.

Other aspects of the plant have been investigated and there are no other issues. The incident has been reported to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Irish Water would like to apologise to residents, businesses and others in the area of the wastewater treatment plant at Barnageeragh for the current bad odours and any inconvenience that this might cause.


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