Project will support future growth and development

Irish Water, in partnership with Roscommon County Council, will begin work next week to remove old lead pipes from the public water network in Roscommon town in order to provide a safer and more reliable water supply for local customers.

The works form part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme through which the utility is investing over €500 million over the next four years. The aim of the programme is to reduce leakage and remove lead pipes from the public network.

This will help ensure a clean, safe and reliable public water supply for Roscommon now and into the future, which will in turn support growth and development.

Removing lead pipes along Castle Street and the Square

The work will get underway in Roscommon town on Tuesday, 3 April and will involve the removal of lead service connections along Castle Street and the Square. Service connections are the pipes that connect a customer’s property to the public water mains in the street. The old lead pipes, which are prone to leakage, will be replaced by modern plastic pipes.

Dave Murphy, Irish Water’s Networks Programme regional lead, commented “The presence of lead in drinking water is a recognised health concern. The drinking water produced and distributed by Irish Water is free from lead. However there is a possibility that lead can dissolve into water as it passes through lead pipework. In homes built before the 1970’s, it was common practice for the water supply pipes to be made from lead. The water supply pipe is the pipe that brings water from the mains network to a customer’s home. As well as reducing leakage and providing a safer supply of water to customers, replacing these old pipes will reduce the likelihood of supply disruptions due to burst pipes.”

Works expected to take eight weeks to complete

The work will be carried out by Roscommon County Council on behalf of Irish Water and is expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete. The areas of work will be limited to short sections to minimise impact on customers and road users. The works may involve some short-term water shut offs and the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to any planned water shut offs. Temporary traffic management arrangements will be put in place as the work progresses in order to minimise disruption to businesses and residents in the area.

Visit our Supply and Service section for regular updates

We regret any inconvenience that may be caused by delivery of this essential work. Details of work in the area will be updated regularly on the Service and Supply updates section and via our 24/7 Customer Care helpline on 1850 278 278. For more information on our Leakage Reduction Programme, visit our dedicated information page.

You can report a leak on public property, such as footpaths, roads and communal areas, via our webform or by calling our customer care team on 1850 278 278.


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